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Partech Ventures Newsletter: A new year, a new fund, a new continent!

2017 was intense across all our geographies.
For instance, if we only consider the French market, according to the latest CB Insights report on La French Tech, 2017 saw a record number of deals. We have been particularly active with investments and … exits — and proud that Teads and Compte Nickel were two of the three largest exits on the French market last year!
Now that we are well into 2018, we were happy to see our startups jump start the year with exciting news — watches, clothes, signal processing, FX, SME direct lending, 3D monetization, etc. you name it.
We’ve also just added a brand new fund and office in a new continent! With Partech Africa, it is exciting to extend our footprint, not just for the sake of being global, but for a better and more comprehensive understanding of all tech trends and disruption around the world.
We will continue to provide the best support to our portfolio startups, wherever they are, and strive to enable commercial contracts and long‐term strategic partnerships between our founders and our corporate partners.
See you in Dakar, one of the sunniest places in the world (it is snowing in Paris today. *sigh*).


More than €265 M raised by our portfolio companies in January!

Lendix raised €200M to trailblaze European alternative SME finance and further consolidate their leadership position in continental Europe. They are killing it!
NA-KD raised €36.5M ($45M) in a Series B round led by Partech. The global online direct-to-consumer brand for women will use the funding to accelerate the exponential growth of the company and reinforce its leadership as the preferred fashion brand for millennials. Check out the NA-KD website, it’s really cool (and totally SFW!)


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