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  • made.com

    Made.com is an online home furnishings and homeware retailer which offers its customers great design direct from the makers.

  • sigfox.com

    Sigfox operates a global cellular network for low-throughput IoT communication.

  • kantox.com

    Kantox offers currency management solutions for businesses.

  • freedompop.com

    FreedomPop is a disruptive wireless services provider which delivers free, fast, mobile phone and wireless internet services to consumers.

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  • acco-semi.com

    Acco is developing mobile communications products and CMOS wireless solutions.

  • www.akeneo.com

    Akeneo aims to become new standard for Product Information Management (PIM) platforms.

  • vmware.com

    Akimbi developed infrastructure management solutions for software development and test organizations. It was acquired by VMware in 2006.

  • www.alan.eu

    Alan is the first digital health insurance company in Europe.

  • alephd.com

    AlephD is the leader in real-time performance focused on publishers. It was acquired by AOL in 2016.

  • alkemics.com

    Alkemics is the first collaborative intelligence network dedicated to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry.

  • allot.com

    Allot Communications offered IP deep packet traffic management solutions.

  • alltricks.fr

    Alltricks is the leading online shop for sportswear and bikes.

  • alvarion.com

    Alvarion designed and developed carrier broadband wireless products.

  • ascendloan.com

    Ascend Consumer Finance is a next generation consumer loan financing company that enables non-prime credit consumers to borrow at the lowest rates. Through their proprietary underwriting process called Adaptive Risk Pricing, Ascend offers a product called RateRewards that empowers consumers to demonstrate their real-time creditworthiness.

  • atlantiscomputing.com

    Atlantis Computing produces solutions that optimize the use of data center storage by virtualized desktops and servers.

  • atlas.money

    Atlas provides smart banking services for the unbanked. Atlas created a mobile money platform that helps people to send money to each other across the world via simple SMS requests.

  • attune.co

    Attune works at increasing sales by dynamically personalizing online stores for each individual visitor, on mobile and web.

  • auxmoney.com

    Auxmoney is Germany’s leading online marketplace for P2P lending.

  • www.ava.me

    Ava aims to empower deaf and hard-of-hearing people to engage in group conversations with the world around them.

  • bloomon.nl

    Bloomon is an online flower subscription service offering fresh flowers directly from the grower to the customer.

  • brands4friends.de

    Brands4Friends.com is the leading private sales website in Germany. Acquired by Ebay in 2010.

  • www.brandwatch.com

    Brandwatch is the Saas world leader in social media listening and analytics.

  • bugcrowd.com

    Bugcrowd provides crowdsourced cybersecurity for web and mobile apps.

  • sap.com

    Business Objects was the world's leading business intelligence software company. It was acquired by SAP in 2008.

  • cadence.com

    Cadence develops electronic design automation software, hardware, and silicon intellectual property.

  • cambridge-blockchain.com

    Puts control of personal identity data back in end users’ hands & allows financial institutions to meet strictest new data privacy rules.

  • sapbi.com

    Cartesis was a leading provider of enterprise performance management (EPM) software. It was acquired by Business Objects (BOBJ) in 2007.

  • www.chronext.com

    Chronext is a curated online market place for new and used luxury watches. It works directly with retail clients as well as professional customers and takes cares of proof of quality and certification of authenticity if needed.

  • oracle.com

    ClearApp was a leading provider of application management solutions for composite applications. It was acquired in 2008 by Oracle.

  • compte-nickel.fr

    Compte Nickel offers a current account service accessible to all in which the physical outlets are newsagents. Customer goes to an affiliated outlet with an ID document, a telephone number and €20 to buy a Compte-Nickel Box.

  • cubyn.com

    Cubyn provides an on-demand service of packages delivery for online merchants and SMEs that do not have access to professional logistics partners.

  • dailymotion.com

    Dailymotion is the largest European video content publisher. It was sold to Orange in 2011.

  • symantec.com

    DataCenter Technologies (DCT) was a developer os Content Addressable Storage technology. It was sold to Symantec in 2005.

  • dayuse.com

    Dayuse is the leading booking platform for luxury day let hotel rooms.

  • demanderjustice.com

    Demander Justice is an online platform to file a complaint, avoiding costly lawyers' fees.

  • www.diamond.io

    New software platform that uses AI to help you work faster and access all the files and emails you need from across Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox and more.

  • parrot.com

    DiBcom was a fabless semiconductor company offering a range of mobile videos chipsets. It was sold to Parrot in 2011.

  • cwc.com

    Digital Island provided robust managed hosting, content delivery and network infrastructure. It was acquired by Cable & Wireless in 2002.

  • digitick.com

    Digitick is a full web and mobile based ticketing solution. It was sold to Vivendi in 2010.

  • www.joindrover.com

    End-to-end car rental mobile-enabled marketplace for PCO1 licensed cars. Streamlines process by automating large parts of value chain.

  • dymant.com

    Dymant crafts and sells the most luxurious products online.

  • www.ecovadis.com

    EcoVadis is the first collaborative platform providing sustainability ratings and performance improvement tools for global supply chains.

  • europasschina.com/en

    EuroPass provides Wechat payment solutions for European touristic organisations.

  • five9.com

    Five9 is an on-demand call center software for telemarketing, customer service, and business continuity.

  • flirtey.com

    World's first autonomous aerial delivery company.

  • bt.com

    Fluxus offered mission-critical Web site development, hosting and monitoring. It was acquired by BT in 2001.

  • freedompop.com

    FreedomPop is a disruptive wireless services provider which delivers free, fast, mobile phone and wireless internet services to consumers.

  • www.fromatob.com

    From A to B is a meta search and booking platform for train, bus, flights and Blabla car tickets

  • gensdeconfiance.fr

    GensDeConfiance is a classified posts board for everything, but not for everyone.

  • getinsured.com

    GetInsured is an integrated comparison shopping portal for health insurance.

  • getsafe.pr.co

    Getsafe is Germany’s first digital insurance manager enabling customers to manage all their insurance policies in a mobile app on their smartphones.

  • gfycat.com

    Gfycat is the leading community driven platform for gifs – short form content, but for very short small user-generated videos.

  • www.giroptic.com

    Giroptic developed the world’s first 360°HD camera, enabling the world around to be simultaneously captured in a single photo or video file.

  • www.glofox.com

    Glofox is the complete gym-studio management software solution

  • goom.fr

    Goom Radio is an internet radio service allowing broadcasters to create their own station online.

  • heartthis.com

    HeartThis is a free way to have all your favorite stores in one place.

  • holbertonschool.com

    Holberton School is a project-based alternative to college for the next generation of software engineers.

  • hyperloop-one.com

    Hypeloop One is revolutionizing transportation by creating a new high-speed transport system, totally carbon-free and using levitation, and compression technologies in an ultra-low pressure environment.

  • influans.com

    Influans powers interactions between consumers and brands. Its Consumer GraphTM fuels highly targeted deals -the right product at the right price- to the right person through the right channel. In real time.

  • informatica.com

    Informatica provides eBusiness analytics software.

  • oracle.com

    Inquira provides knowledge base management, natural language search, analytics and reporting applications. It was acquired by Oracle in 2011.

  • invensense.com

    Invensense is the leading provider of motion sensing solutions for mobile applications.

  • cwc.com

    ISDnet was the no. 1 French IP operator based on IP transit volume, range of services, as well as network infrastructure. It was acquired by Cable & Wireless in 2000.

  • isketchnote.com

    ISKN offers 6D Motion Sensing Technology with applications in note & gaming.

  • jaspersoft.com

    Jaspersoft is a flexible, cost effective and widely deployed Business Intelligence suite. It was sold to TIBC in 2014.

  • jellynote.com

    Jellynote is the no.1 platform for music learning and socialising.

  • jungo.com

    Jungo is a provider of residential gateway software platforms and applications. It was acquired by NDS in 2007.

  • kantox.com

    Kantox offers currency management solutions for businesses.

  • kartable.fr

    Kartable is an e-learning platform (work support for students).

  • www.kelinetwork.com

    Shapes the future of media by creating and distributing highly engaging content for millenials across vertical channels.

  • klara.com

    Klara is an e-health service enabling doctors to treat patients online.

  • kontainers.co.uk

    Kontainers provides freight shipping process through an A-Z container booking web platform. System allows customers to get quotes instantly, compare pricing between different carriers, and book their containers within minutes.

  • lafourchette.com

    Lafourchette is the leading online restaurant booking service in France and Spain. It was sold to TripAdvisor in 2014.

  • lecollectionist.com/en

    LeCollectionisit is an online platform for the selection and booking of beautiful luxury properties.

  • ledengin.com

    LED Engin specializes in the development of ultra compact solid state lighting solutions.

  • lendix.com

    Lendix is a P2P lending platform for SMEs.

  • lesara.com

    Lesara is the first and leading European pure online player in the huge discounter retail industry.

  • meetlima.com

    Lima (formerly Forget Box) reinvents the way your devices store data.

  • luckycart.com

    Lucky Cart's Promotion Management Platform helps retailers and suppliers increase ROI through advanced promotion personalisation and performance measurement

  • www.m-files.com

    Hybrid-cloud based Document Management System that allows for mobile, web, and offline access with full integration into the product

  • made.com

    Made.com is an online home furnishings and homeware retailer which offers its customers great design direct from the makers.

  • madkudu.com

    MadKudu provides a revolutionary predictive analytics solution that improves free-to-paid conversion rates by 20%.

  • www.manomano.fr

    DIY and gardening products marketplace with a community of 300k+ users who exchange their questions and advice on products

  • ibm.com

    Meiosys provided computing virtualization middleware for enterprise data centers. It was acquired by IBM in 2005.

  • menlook.com

    Menlook is the largest platform in the online fashion industry for men.

  • www.mesdocteurs.com

    MesDocteurs created an app that enables users to get answers to medical questions from qualified health professionals within 15 minutes.

  • milleporte.com

    Milleporte is a private sales website selling exclusively original goods.

  • monax.io

    Monax offers an open-source Blockchain applications platform for small and large companies to develop, manage and run smart contracts on the cloud or on premise. Available on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

  • netbeez.net

    NetBeez provides you with network and application performance data from all your network locations. This is the best way to gather the end-user experience and proactively locate and isolate network problems.

  • www.novasparks.com

    Novasparks is the no-latency specialist in data packet processing and distribution solutions.

  • novicap.com

    Novicap is an invoice trading marketplace providing SME finance in a fast, flexible and transparent way while offering professional investors the opportunity to invest in a short-term asset yiedlin above-average returns.

  • getonce.com

    Once is offering one exclusive handpicked match each day. Who will be your match today?

  • opensesame.com

    Open Sesame provides online training courses for any business.

  • ornikar.com

    Ornikar is a website which offers online driving theory courses and takes care of the exam registration formalities for less than €50 – 7 times cheaper than the cost at a driving school.

  • oviva.com

    Medical nutritional therapy with an app for tracking and treatment delivery, paid by health insurance.

  • progress.com

    Pantero was an enterprise software company that offered a new paradigm for managing the semantic mediation and management of enterprise reference information. It was acquired by Progress Software in 2006.

  • www.peanut-app.io

    Social media for mothers. App for mothers looking for like-minded mothers near them, makes it easy to meet.

  • attachmate.com

    Pentasafe offered enterprised security management systems and PC lifecycle management solutions. It was acquired by Attachmate in 2006.

  • goplae.com

    Plae is the next generation of customizable kids' shoes.

  • pricematch.travel

    Pricematch is a fully automated yield management SaaS for the Hotel industry. It was sold to Booking.com in 2015.

  • pricingassistant.com

    Pricing Assistant provides fully automated Pricing/Competition Monitoring for online stores.

  • www.primaryio.com

    Enables entreprises to move workload to the cloud as needed, while maintaining total control of data residency and application performance.

  • pulse.io

    Pulse provides application Performance Monitoring for iOS Mobile Apps. It was acquired by Google in 2015.

  • www.pushdoctor.co.uk

    Push Doctors is Europe’s largest online family doctor marketplace. It connects users with qualified UK doctors and provides video online appointments.

  • oracle.com

    Q-layer provided datacenter and storage virtualization software for service providers. Acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2009.

  • qapa.fr

    Qapa is a job search solution which optimizes the matching of candidates and job offer.

  • quinstreet.com

    QuinStreet is the leading provider of direct marketing online solutions. IPO on Nasdaq (QNST) in 2010.

  • yelp.com

    Qype was Europe's leading local search and review site. It was sold to Yelp in 2012.

  • resolutiongames.com

    Resolution Games is a virtual reality game publisher and is aiming at being a pioneer in VR content production.

  • rockyou.com

    RockYou is the leading advertising and monetization network for social games.

  • www.savvy.is

    Savvy is the global platform for one-to-one, live video learning.

  • scoop.it

    Scoop.it is an online information curation tool for easy information publishing.

  • www.seabubbles.fr

    An electric transportation system that is totally carbon-free, navigates over water and creates no waves, interconnected with other urban transportation systems.

  • secretsales.com

    Secret Sales offers online sales of exclusive designer fashion brands.

  • sensee.com

    Sensee is the leading online eyewear company in France.

  • sensopia.com

    Sensopia is the provider of MagicPlan, an application that automatically creates a floor plan from a smartphone.

  • sigfox.com

    Sigfox operates a global cellular network for low-throughput IoT communication.

  • sketchfab.com

    Sketchfab is the leading online publishing platform for interactive 3D files

  • www.streamroot.io

    Streamroot developed a P2P streaming technology that reduces bandwidth costs by up to 70% and removes traffic peaks.

  • tapfwd.com

    TapFwd provides a data-driven mobile ad platform built for brands.

  • teads.tv

    Teads is the leading premium publisher video advertising platform.

  • broadcom.com

    Teknovus supplied access chips and embedded software for the FTTx market. It was acquired by Broadcom in 2010.

  • www.thebouqs.com

    The Bouqs sells freshly-cut flowers assembled in bouquets directly shipped from their network of eco-friendly farm partners located in South America and in U.S.

  • theguarantors.com

    The Guarantors provide an online platform that offers rental lease guarantee to renters, facilitating access to rental while protecting income of landlords.

  • touchcommerce.com

    Touch Commerce provides custom online engagement solutions optimizing conversion results for market-leading brands.

  • touchofmodern.com

    TouchOfModern is an online shopping spot offering a range of designer lifestyle products.

  • lastminute.com

    Travelprice was an online travel and leisure retailer. It was acquired by Lastminute in 2002.

  • tribe.pm

    Tribe is an application providing photo sharing and content sharing.

  • tvty.tv

    TVTY’s moment marketing technology enables brands to automatically synchronise their digital marketing campaigns with the most relevant offline moments to drive awareness, engagement and online campaign performance.

  • ventealapropriete.com

    Vente à la propriété is France-based shopping club for wine lovers.

  • verifone.com

    Verifone is a leading provider of mobile payment and transportation automation solutions.

  • vignette.com

    Vignette offers content management solutions for business-critical Web and e-business applications.

  • vodkaster.com

    Vodkaster is the largest European Social Network for Movie Fans.

  • voxeet.com

    Voxeet offers free 3D & HD+ conference call desktop and mobile app.

  • www.waterlinedata.com

    Waterline Data offers a smart data catalog that helps business analysts and data scientists find trusted data in a data lake in order to do self-service analytics.

  • waykonect.com

    Waykonect is a SaaS that optimizes and simplifies the vehicle fleet management.

  • www.xfers.io

    Xfers simplifies payments’ collection and online purchases in South East Asia providing a simple payment platform to collect both credit card and internet banking payments.

  • yieldr.com

    Yieldr offers marketing automation technology for airlines.

  • zeel.com

    Zeel provides top-quality massage at home, in a hotel, or at your workplace in as little as an hour.

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